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These Tutorials Make Learning To Use Photoshop Incredibly Easy - Just Check Out This Sample Video

I created a sample tutorial that will show you just how effective these tutorials are. You'll see first hand how simple it is to learn right on your own computer.

This video uses two free programs called Flash and Shockwave. You probably already have these programs on your computer.

To find out, just try to watch one of the videos. If the video doesn't start playing after a few moments, then you need to get Flash for free by clicking here and then get Shockwave for free by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: When you click on a link to watch a video in your browser, a new window will open and the video will start playing. PLEASE ENLARGE THE WINDOW to full size. This will ensure that you are able to see everything clearly.

Here's the Free Sample Video

Click Here to instantly watch this video in your browser. A new window will open. Be sure to enlarge it to full size.

Click Here to download the Flash video to your computer so you can watch it later.

Click Here to download the video with it's own mini-player.